Victor's wedding ring

Victor's wedding ring was an amulet against magic.


Thank You For Not MorphingEdit

A gentleman walks into Prue's office and asks her to appraise the ring he wears on his left ring finger. He takes it off and hands it to her. Once, Prue realizes who Victor is she tosses the ring down on her desk. Victor picks it up and puts it back on his finger. After Victor and Prue got into an argument, Prue threw Victor across the room, slamming him into a wooden door frame. The ring slips off his finger and stays on the ground until the following morning when Piper finds it and picks it up. Before Phoebe casts the killing spell, Prue moves the ring with her mind towards Victor, the real one. He puts it on his finger again and Phoebe casts the spell. The ring saves Victor from dying from the spell.


  • Prue stated that the ring's setting is quite old, at least 17th century and and that the two stones looked like crysalite.
  • Prue read out of a book that described crysalite as being a stone that the Egyptian's believed would protect them from spells, curses, and evil spirits.
  • Prue also mentions that the stones are set in two, which make her believe that the ring is a wedding band, "two" being a symbol of duality (man and woman), again protection.