Baby prue

Prue is the daughter of Phoebe Halliwell and Coop.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a child of a Charmed One and a Cupid, Prue is exceptionally strong. As a baby, Prue has displayed the power of beaming, in which she summons her mother closer to her, a number of times.

Personal HistoryEdit

Comic:Charmed LivesEdit

Baby Prue lays in her bassinet as her mom walks out the door. She beams her mother back to the front door where her father was standing. When Phoebe realizes that it wasn't Coop who beamed her back, Phoebe rushes to pick up baby Prue and hold her in her arms. Phoebe hands Prue over to her father and he uses her little hand to wave goodbye. Phoebe walks out the door...and is suddenly beamed back into the house.