Protection spell
Serena casts a protection spell
Effect Protection
Cast by Serena Fredrick
Behind the scenes
First appearance Something Wicca This Way Comes

A protection spell was cast by Serena Fredrick in 1998. The spell either was unsuccessful or failed because Serena was interrupted because a warlock managed to sneak in and kill her.

Auger de Gomay, Auger de Gomay
Ancient one of the Earth so deep,
Master of moon and sun.
I shield you in my Wiccan way,
Here in my circle round.
Asking you protect this space,
And offer your sun force down.


Something Wicca This Way ComesEdit

Serena Fredrick prepares her altar for her protection ritual. The spell seemed to require many different items and while being cast Serena used many different arm and hand gestures.