Mrs. Correy
Mrs. correy
Species Mortal
Known power None
Status Alive
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by
Patricia Harty
First appearance
Dead Man Dating

Mrs. Correy is the wife of Nick Correy.

Personal HistoryEdit

Dead Man DatingEdit

Mrs. Correy sits down in front of the "Amazing Phoebe" and pays her twenty dollars to get her future told. The two of them hold hands and Phoebe receives a premonition. She is able to talk her way through it:

Mrs. Correy is in a large room filled with lots of other women.

Mrs. Correy nods and tells her to go on...

She is standing on a scale at her Weight Watchers meeting.

Embarassed as Phoebe smiles, Mrs. Correy adjusts her posture in her chair...

It appears Mrs. Correy has gained some weight.

Outraged and insulted, Mrs. Correy stands up and explains how impossible that is though she admits to cheating, it was only once that week. She calls Phoebe a fraud and demands her money back as she reaches for the bowl of cash. Phoebe snaps at her and grabs the money before Mrs. Correy gets a chance. She throws up her hands and walks away from the tablle and out of the bar.

Mrs. Correy walks down the hall to meet her husband at the elevator and sees him talking to Phoebe. Angered, she asks her husband what she is doing there and he tells her that Phoebe sent the note warning him not to go outside. Mrs. Correy tells Phoebe to stay away from the two of them and the leave on the elevator.

After Phoebe saves her husband, Mrs. Correy rushes to his side in the middle of the road. She helps him to his feet.