Charmed Lives
Issue # 1
9.01 - 00-cover
Release date July 21, 2010
Writer Paul Ruditis
Co-writer Raven Gregory
Artwork Dave Hoover
Colors Milen Paruanou
Letters Jim Campbell
Editor Ralph Tedesco
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Charmed Lives is the title of the first issue in the Charmed comic book series.



Power usagesEdit

  1. Neena attacks the Angel of Destiny with a fire-like power.
  2. Neena creates a portal and sends the Angel of Destiny into it.
  3. Hogan causes the other bar patrons to become induced with rage.
  4. Neena attacks Weasel with her fire-like power.
  5. A student uses telekinesis on a book.
  6. A student creates fire in between his hands.
  7. Paige uses telekinetic orbing on the Book of Shadows.
  8. Baby Prue beams Phoebe back to the front door.
  9. Baby Prue beams Phoebe back into the condo.
  10. Baby Melinda attacks Piper with vines.


  1. Jessalyn casts the spell to change one's appearance.

To Change One's AppearanceEdit

I call upon the ancient power,
to mask me now and in future hours.
Hide me well and thoroughly,
But not from those called family.
Tk student with jessalyn casting spell

Book of ShadowsEdit

  1. Jessalyn reads the spell to change one's appearance directly from the book.

Character AppearancesEdit

Notes and triviaEdit