Chef Moore
Chef moore
Species Mortal
Known power None
Status Alive
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by
Chris Flanders
First appearance
Something Wicca This Way Comes

Chef Moore hired Piper Halliwell to work at his restaurant.


Something Wicca This Way ComesEdit

Piper Halliwell mentions that she had to buy ingredients for her audition recipe and her sister realizes that the "Wolfgang Puck-knock off" didn't hire Piper but she seems to believe that a special port will make her next audition recipe perfect.

Chef Moore walks into the kitchen and tells Piper that her time is up. He reads her recipe and also thinks that without the port the sauce would be completely bland but Piper hadn't added the port yet. She tries to explain this to him but he cuts her off. He dips his fork into the food and right as he's about to put it into his mouth, Piper panics and freezes the room. This gives her enough time to add the final ingredient and Chef Moore unfreezes and takes a bite. He loves it and hires her.

I've Got You Under My SkinEdit

It is revealed that Chef Moore's restaurant is called Quake and also that after hiring Piper he quit to start his very own restaurant.