Brittany Reynolds
Brittany reynolds
Species Mortal
Known power None
Status Dead
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by
Cynthia King, Barbara Pilavin
First appearance
I've Got You Under My Skin

Brittany Reynolds was a family friend of the original Charmed Ones and the fourth victim of Javna's in 1998. She was very kind and beautiful woman with an angel tattoo on her left hand. She was romantically involved with a man named Max Jones. It is unknown whether the two of them were married, however, Max appeared very broken up at Brittany's funeral.

Personal HistoryEdit

I've Got You Under My SkinEdit

Brittany pays her check at the bar at Quake and says goodbye to Phoebe and Piper. She walks out to her car and steps in. Brittany checks her makeup in the rear-view mirror and adjusts it back. A face appears in the mirror and Brittany looks back and screams. The next day, Piper runs into an old woman walking in front of a church. She notices her angel tattoo on her hand and starts to think that the woman may be her friend, Brittany. Brittany asks for help and Piper brings her back to the manor. Brittany sits down at the table and Piper brings her food when Prue comes home. Piper convinces Prue that the old woman is Brittany and that she must've been attacked by a demon. They rush upstairs to find out information in the Book of Shadows. Brittany walks into the kitchen and sees an address on the back of a cocktail napkin, stuck to the fridge. She grabs it and recognizes it as Stefan's place. She faints. When Prue and Piper come to her aid all she can say is "Javna." Brittany awakes on the couch in the manor after her youth is restored. She wonders about why she is wearing what she was wearing.

Comic:No Rest for the WiccaEdit

It is discovered that Brittany has died and Piper and Phoebe prepare for her funeral. When they get there Phoebe touches the coffin and is flashed with a premonition of Brittany in the coffin...she was old, very old. Piper freezes the funeral and opens up the coffin to discover that Brittany was indeed an elderly woman, just like when Javna attacked.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Brittany explains that she had to go to Tahiti to get her tattoo because of it being illegal in the states to get them done on your hand.