Brent was a witch and one of Paige's charges before he was murdered by either a demon or a warlock.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Brent had the power to generate electricity with his hands. He explained to Paige that he had noticed small sparks before but just shrugged it off as static electricity.

Personal historyEdit

Comic:No Rest for the WiccaEdit

Brent and two of his buddies are seen giving a fellow classmate a swirly in the boy's bathroom. Paige orbs in and puts a stop to it all. They all try to leave but Paige pulls Brent back into the bathroom. She explains to him that he's a witch and instructs him to try out his power. He succeeds and runs off preparing to attack one of his teachers. Just in the nick of time, Paige tackles him and the two of them orb out of the school. Brent and Paige arrive outside of a small brick schoolhouse, which is identified as the Magic School portal in Brent's town. Brent doesn't believe it because he can only see the s mall building. Paige explains that Magic School is on a different realm and that in order for him to see it he needed to concentrate harder. He does so and suddenly sees the truth. Brent very confused as to what is going on in his life asks Paige for some time alone to sort everything out. He promises to call Paige before he turns evil. After Paige orbs out, Neena and Hogan creep around the corner of the brick school towards Brent. They tell him that being good is overrated and that evil is far more rewarding. After Phoebe receives a powerful vision of all of the Charmed Ones's innocents being attacked, Brent is found dead on the front steps of the brick school, his neck snapped.