Alec 02
Species Mortal
Known power None
Status Alive
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by
Bailey Luetgert
First appearance
I've Got You Under My Skin

Alec is a mortal Phoebe spent the evening with after she recently moved back to San Francisco.

Personal HistoryEdit

I've Got You Under My SkinEdit

Alec drank his beer at the end of the bar when a beautiful woman sat down at the opposite end. He thought to himself about buying her a drink, perhaps a martini. The woman caught him sitting there and was flashed with a premonition:

Alec walking up to Phoebe, introducing himself, and offering to buy her a drink.

And that is exactly what he did. Though he was surprised that she knew his name before he gave it to her, Phoebe quickly changed the subject by inviting Alec to grab a table with her. He agreed and the two of them walked off. The next morning, Prue questioned Phoebe as to what time she ended up coming home and Piper rats her out saying it must've been after 3am. Phoebe explained that nothing happened, at least nothing she was ashamed of.